I've always wondered about professional photographers who blog a lot. How do they find the time? If they're busy running successful businesses, when do they write about their work? I mean, I'm glad some do, but as much as I love my job, I'm also busy with a family and other outside interests. All this is to say, I've been very busy on photo and video shoots, traveling with my family and working on lots of exciting projects. So, my apologies for not keeping up more with the MHP blog.

Several clients have been asking if I had a drone and until last week, the answer was always no. That's all changed. This has got to be one of the most exciting pieces of equipment I've ever owned, and I haven't even had it for a week. There's so much to learn, but already I have an assignment to shoot with it tomorrow.

The drone I got is one of the top of the line models, capable of shooting UHD 4K video (4X the size of normal video) as well as conventional video, and high resolution still photos on its large, 1-inch sensor (50% larger than most drone sensors). The range is just under five miles and it can ascend (legally) to 400 feet. It's really amazing– even on a breezy day, the drone can hover in place with virtually no movement. It's like having a tripod in the sky.

I'm working towards getting my FCC drone license (a must for commercial drone use) but I'll be posting some fun clips as I find new uses for it. For now, enjoy this clip shot over the weekend, gliding over woods near my wife's cousin's farmhouse in Iowa.