My first website went live in 1996– galleries of color, black and white and hand colored prints of my fine art images. It was pretty simple- small photos (375 pixels wide) that could load relatively quickly on dialup connections and was 'optimized' for Netscape 2.0. For several years, it was great. The internet was new and people would comment on my photos from all over the world. I sold prints to complete strangers thousands of miles away.

A lot has changed in the last twenty-one years. All my photography is digital now. Pictures aren't even delivered on CD, but in folders of images deliverable via the web. I'm shooting far more video than I ever was back in the 90's.

My most recent commercial photography website was written by hand (I did all the coding and hated it) a few years ago and becoming dated. The software I used hasn't been supported in years. So it was time for a change.

This new website will be updated far more frequently, along with stories of jobs I've been working on, some of my favorite shoots from the past, video clips and more. The pictures are now full screen and beautiful– no more tiny pictures.

I hope you enjoy the new look. Email me if you'd like a quote for a job, and pass on my name to your colleagues and friends.

Thanks for your support. Mike